Asian Longhorned Beetle Found in SC

From Clemson Forest Health and Invasive Species Specialist Dave Coyle.

The Asian longhorned beetle has been found near Hollywood, SC (Charleston County).  This invasive tree pest primarily attacks maples (especially red maple) but also elms, willows, and birches. Clemson Regulatory Services, Clemson Extension, and USDA APHIS need your help in detecting this beetle in the Lowcountry. Adults are large (up to 1 ½” long) black beetles with white spots, black and white striped antennae, and bluish feet. Signs of ALB include large, pencil-sized holes on trees and bleeding from wounds on the trunk. There are several native beetles that look similar to ALB – please check out the fact sheets on the HGIC page. If you think you’ve seen ALB, please contact the Clemson Department of Plant Industry at or by calling 864-646-2140.

Adult Asian longhorned beetle.
Following pupation, the adult ALB bores its way out of the tree leaving these large holes in the trunk.

Clemson HGIC ALB Fact Sheet

Clemson HGIC ALB Blog Post

Clemson Regulatory Services Pest Alert

Video from Don’t Move Firewood on ALB

Don’t Move Firewood Program

Dave’s Twitter (where he puts the most up-to-date info)

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