Field Update – 4/22/19

Coastal: We had a pretty strong storm come through last week with 30 mph winds. Some damage is to be expected this week from those winds. All crops look pretty good otherwise.

Collards growing well in the Coastal region.

Midlands: Anthracnose fruit rot picked up significantly in strawberries last week. Spring and summer crops are growing well and looking good. Storms came in Friday and gave about a half inch of rain. Steady wind dried fields up fairly quickly afterwards.

Sweet corn up and growing in the Midlands.

Pee Dee: Diamond Backs are bad especially where Brassicas have been left since last year to become a source.  Some cabbage is beginning to head.  Some root/top turnips, collards, radish, spinach, and mustard are ready to start harvest next week.  Tomatoes are beginning to take root and start to grow on plastic.  Some squash, cucumbers, and cantaloupes are almost vining.  Sweet potato propagation beds are up and growing well.  

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