Tissue Sampling Strawberries

Now is the time to tissue sample strawberries to make sure we are supplying adequate nutrients to maximize yield and berry quality. Tissue sample regularly now through the end of harvest. Check out the video below on how collect your sample. Sample forms can be accessed here.

3 responses to “Tissue Sampling Strawberries”

  1. […] Justin Ballew reports, “We hit the 80-degree mark late this past week in Lexington. Some strawberry fields have responded and started pushing out new leaves and blooms, while others that have struggled all winter still look puny. Monday night is going to be cool and there is potential to see some frost damage to blooms. If the forecast is 35 or less in your area with little or no wind, covering to protect the blooms would be a good idea. At this point, everyone should be tissue sampling every couple of weeks and making any necessary fertigation adjustments according to the sample results. Be sure to sample the newest fully expanded leaves. Refer to this video for complete instructions.” […]


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